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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Transmit your message!

It is pointless for me to say, having a website to promote your business is essential nowadays. Due to the fact that nearly all of your potential costumers will come across you throughout the internet and often they will contact you through the website.

Furthermore the great thing about the internet is that it can reach the whole world, and not just your neighbourhood. Your website is your shop window and it is open 24/7.

Therefore it needs to be eye catching and transmit your message in a few seconds (did you know that you only having maximum 8 second to attract a customer whose looking at your website?) otherwise you will loose them and they will continue surfing until there eye catch something they like.

For that reason it needs to have enough content that explains your message and what you can provide but on the other hand not too much information which they can’t understand or find useful. It also needs to load fast, be reliable and look professional. The impression your website should give is that your professional and you know what you want to sell.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Marketing plans come in many shapes and sizes

I still remember when I discovered the Social Media Facebook. People the world over, were Facebooking, getting down with the kids on MySpace (another social media), and spending big time on the net. All of which they hoped would magically make them cool and hip with the new generation of cash-splashing trendier who, as I thought, preferred to pull a lot of information with no relevance to them as people or consumers.


Put it this way, if a business and its owner has their finger on the pulse it is 'no longer viable' to ignore Social Medias. Furthermore as social media can be joined for a zero cost of money (social Medias cost in time) business of any kind has to dive deeper into the digital space.

When a business is represented on Facebook or another Social Media it becomes more visible and attractive in more dialogue with its network, costumer and "friends" and if there's nothing to hide, there's nothing to worry about. On the other hand if the business is an undeclared business you should properly not use social media as a promoting or marketing tool.

However by getting visible on Social Media a business could get positives ideas from "friends" and submit these ideas for new products and services and then discuss them online. Furthermore business could get some good publicity for their initiative to include their customers in the development of the company this is what I call the Google strategy.

In during so the business achieves two things in particular: it gives the company an ongoing insight into customer attitudes, and they give consumers a voice. The customers are feeling they are to be-friends in the Internet and already have a sense of ownership and belonging to the company.

Monday, 22 December 2008

En haj til, at parallel parkerer

I dag tog min gode ven min bil til mekanikeren den trængte i den grad til en sporing, for i mere end 2 uger har jeg kørt rundt med en bil der trak temmelig meget mod højere, og da jeg står og skal kører langt i den lille dyt måtte jeg se, at få det ordnet. Der var bare det, at jeg jo udmærkede viste, at det ikke ville være det eneste der ville blive eller skulle fixede på den lille dyt.
Igennem længer tid viste jeg, at bremserne skulle skiftes, kilerem spændes osv. Hva’ ved jeg!?! For selv om jeg er en haj til, at parallel parkerer har jeg ingen interesse i vedligeholdelse af biler, de ska’ jo bare starte når nøglen sættes i og ha’ fyldt benzin på i ny og næ.

Opringning nr. 1 fra ven og bil "der er vente tid måske et par timer?" helt ok………
Opringning nr. 2 fra ven, bil og ikke mindst mekanikeren "De vil ikke lade mig kører herfra med de dæk, de er mindst 8 år gamle, du kører på metal - De siger det er farligt" jeg svarede her, hmm……..min ven forsætter " 5 mekaniker har været her over og se på de dæk alle siger - det er løgn!!! - de har ALDRIG set noget lignende, en af mekanikerne sagde - det der er en kvinde bil!
Jeg er nu overbevist om at de dæk skal skiftes så jeg siger nå, men så må de heller skifte dem……hva’ koster DET?!

Da jeg lagde røret slog det mig, at jeg siden en tur til Berlin i maj 2007 havde kørt rundt med et højere dæk fyldt med skum pga. af et mindre hul. Der ringede jeg til selv samme ven for, at hører hvordan man fyldte dækket, med skum, så jeg kunne klare turen hjem igen.
Siden er det strejfede mig nogle gange, at de skulle skiftes, men hvad kan jeg sige andet end det skum er sku’ effektivt dog lidt hårdt, at kører med…… det var bestemt på tide, at de dæk blev skiftet.

Efter nye dæk, sporing rundede min gode ven turen af med, at smide bremsevæske på den lille dyt, den var tørlagt……hmm! Og her gik jeg og troede, at den manglede nye bremser, ak ja!

Hold fast den er skøn, at kører i nu, en fantastisk let hed, jeg føler næsten jeg har fået ny bil……Øh sku’ måske lige sige, at ved køb af nye dæk - påsat, følger der automatisk sporing, slet ikke dårligt Tak!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Take the bull by the horns

Never the less before the Christian 4 Tal venture ever could be realizable I had to get rid of a bad estate investment made a copula a years before. together with a close friend.
When I was offered this venture debt had followed me for teen years. During those years I've tried to offer the creditors a deal of the main amount (10 %) once-and-for-all - they refused so fare.

Until that time I though that these kinds of people had to be addressed in a very formal way and since I didn't had that kind of money I began to writ letters to the credit institution offered them again 10 % but this time I'll I wrote the letters with feelings hmm……….?

I made an outline on how I should convince these creditors. First the letters had to be handwritten this would make it more personally furthermore through out the hole letter I apply direct to the person I knew handled my case (got the name from their receptionist) then I explained my situation at that time I was a student but used the words without a job instead and finally I took the full responsibility for this debt but remembered to mentioned that I knew that during those years my debt had made it possible for them to drown a certain amount from their account of losses.

Of course I didn't tell them the actual reason why I desperately needed their help neither did I lie (I don't believe in lies) I simply wrote very honestly that I would appreciate if they could reconsider my debt so I might be able to continue with my life as a matured person.

3 weeks later I was out of debt, ready to obtain another……….

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I became an entrepreneur

For more than 20 years now I’ve been breathing, living and working inside the service industry. During those years I’ve worked in various rolls and I’ve managed twice to be fully qualified. First one was in the field of nursing – I have a bit of a Florence knighting gale in me. The second time was AP Programme in Hospitality & Tourism Management Service-economist. At times I complete forget this because four months before getting my diploma luck offered me a ruin of a restaurant I then had to put my speciality on standby for the next two years.

The Christian 4-tal project began a copula of year ago at a social gathering (network) I suddenly ended up in a conversation where this old restaurant in Copenhagen was discussed. A guy told me about this man he knew who had this restaurant which he hadn’t been able to rent out for 3 years. I was a bit surprised do to the fact that this restaurant had a long local history we discussed its opportunities and finally he challenged me “are you cable of create a concept together with a business plan for the restaurant Christian 4 Tal?” you bet! - So I did I’ve finished the project and then bye-bye me.

However - a month after delivered my ideas on how the restaurant should be created and financed the landlord contacted me -everybody else had gotten cold feet on the project (which is quit easy in a restaurant with floors covered in water) so he offered me my very own venture……. - I couldn’t resist!