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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I became an entrepreneur

For more than 20 years now I’ve been breathing, living and working inside the service industry. During those years I’ve worked in various rolls and I’ve managed twice to be fully qualified. First one was in the field of nursing – I have a bit of a Florence knighting gale in me. The second time was AP Programme in Hospitality & Tourism Management Service-economist. At times I complete forget this because four months before getting my diploma luck offered me a ruin of a restaurant I then had to put my speciality on standby for the next two years.

The Christian 4-tal project began a copula of year ago at a social gathering (network) I suddenly ended up in a conversation where this old restaurant in Copenhagen was discussed. A guy told me about this man he knew who had this restaurant which he hadn’t been able to rent out for 3 years. I was a bit surprised do to the fact that this restaurant had a long local history we discussed its opportunities and finally he challenged me “are you cable of create a concept together with a business plan for the restaurant Christian 4 Tal?” you bet! - So I did I’ve finished the project and then bye-bye me.

However - a month after delivered my ideas on how the restaurant should be created and financed the landlord contacted me -everybody else had gotten cold feet on the project (which is quit easy in a restaurant with floors covered in water) so he offered me my very own venture……. - I couldn’t resist!

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