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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Take the bull by the horns

Never the less before the Christian 4 Tal venture ever could be realizable I had to get rid of a bad estate investment made a copula a years before. together with a close friend.
When I was offered this venture debt had followed me for teen years. During those years I've tried to offer the creditors a deal of the main amount (10 %) once-and-for-all - they refused so fare.

Until that time I though that these kinds of people had to be addressed in a very formal way and since I didn't had that kind of money I began to writ letters to the credit institution offered them again 10 % but this time I'll I wrote the letters with feelings hmm……….?

I made an outline on how I should convince these creditors. First the letters had to be handwritten this would make it more personally furthermore through out the hole letter I apply direct to the person I knew handled my case (got the name from their receptionist) then I explained my situation at that time I was a student but used the words without a job instead and finally I took the full responsibility for this debt but remembered to mentioned that I knew that during those years my debt had made it possible for them to drown a certain amount from their account of losses.

Of course I didn't tell them the actual reason why I desperately needed their help neither did I lie (I don't believe in lies) I simply wrote very honestly that I would appreciate if they could reconsider my debt so I might be able to continue with my life as a matured person.

3 weeks later I was out of debt, ready to obtain another……….

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