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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Marketing plans come in many shapes and sizes

I still remember when I discovered the Social Media Facebook. People the world over, were Facebooking, getting down with the kids on MySpace (another social media), and spending big time on the net. All of which they hoped would magically make them cool and hip with the new generation of cash-splashing trendier who, as I thought, preferred to pull a lot of information with no relevance to them as people or consumers.


Put it this way, if a business and its owner has their finger on the pulse it is 'no longer viable' to ignore Social Medias. Furthermore as social media can be joined for a zero cost of money (social Medias cost in time) business of any kind has to dive deeper into the digital space.

When a business is represented on Facebook or another Social Media it becomes more visible and attractive in more dialogue with its network, costumer and "friends" and if there's nothing to hide, there's nothing to worry about. On the other hand if the business is an undeclared business you should properly not use social media as a promoting or marketing tool.

However by getting visible on Social Media a business could get positives ideas from "friends" and submit these ideas for new products and services and then discuss them online. Furthermore business could get some good publicity for their initiative to include their customers in the development of the company this is what I call the Google strategy.

In during so the business achieves two things in particular: it gives the company an ongoing insight into customer attitudes, and they give consumers a voice. The customers are feeling they are to be-friends in the Internet and already have a sense of ownership and belonging to the company.

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